Sunday, October 18, 2009

new sketches and such.

i have been sketching nearly everyday for the past few weeks, trying to keep loose. i haven't really tackled any new work since i work somewhere around sixty hours a week. i do have several little personal and favor projects lined up that i need to get under way here, but sketching is one of my favorite things to do, so i always try to find time to fit something in. i recently purchased the voodoo child graphic novel bill sienkiewicz did long over a decade ago, which depicts the life of the legendary jimi hendrix. i also bought a book of sketches that bill did around the same time as the hendrix project, there are plenty of gestural drawings of figures and imaginative ideas that he laid down to help continue building his expressive style. he is certainly in my top five favorite illustrators with one of the most unique approaches of various mixed media applications that really captures his voice as an illustrator. anyhow, i figure that i should just move the pen across the page without too much hesitation and here are a few short drawings that came about in the process. most of these are from within the past month, i threw in a few painterly sketches that i did over top of some pen work of my friend craig, smokey and jimi as well. if anyone sees this, thanks for taking a gander.