Friday, August 14, 2009

poster, labor and delivery.

well, i finally found some work doing some labor for my neighbor at one of his property's and delivering pizzas down in oakmont along the boulevard where my friend craig works. i still have yet to find any commissioned work, but have recently done up a poster for a friend's band called meeting of important people, and i believe they were just recently signed to a national label... so they're good. don't feel much like writing anything else at the moment. peace.

Monday, August 10, 2009

back in the city of champions... and my folks basement.

i've just recently relocated back to pittsburgh in my parents basement, that's about where i'm at right now. my time now is mostly spent looking for creative work and hourly paying gigs; i've yet to get either and i didn't get the internship from tom cody design. so, i just wanted to upload a few sketches from my new york trip and some others i've done since moving home. i also took some awful photographs of some loose pastel/charcoal work of jesus and a broad shoulder model with a disproportional arm and hand. but, since i've been home i've had the opportunity to catch up with some folks, play some puck, catch some kip, and feel sorry for myself. that's about it, enjoy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

home assignments from tom cody.

i was up in new york city not too long ago, i got to see my dear good friend sean, and very briefly met with some folks at a textile/surface design company called tom cody design. here's a sample that i was asked to create based on an existing collection of a boy's surface design. they must have interviewed at least fifteen or so people, so i suppose this was their way of narrowing it down; i think i may have been narrowed out. i may as well throw up a picture my friend sean took while i was visiting her as well, and a pencil portrait that i drew up on the wall of her room that i accented with some blush.