Wednesday, June 30, 2010

shoes... for your feets.

a friend of mine that i worked with asked me if i could paint a pair of canvas slip-ons for her. i told her that i would and so she was quick to go and purchase them soon after this discussion; back in the fall of this past year. happens i finally got around to finishing them for her as she was becoming slightly disgruntled that she was not able to wear them since the season has begun to turn fair. in any event, here is the outcome.

Monday, June 14, 2010

napkin doddles and lazy bones magee.

my boy lyle recently paid another visit here, where we did our best to meander all over the city. we spent most of our time and money on food and beer, which is always a good investment during these sorts of occasions. during our escapades, i was scribbling on those square white coaster napkins that are typically intended to soak up the perspiration of your drink. here are a few that i thought were rather interesting.