Sunday, December 27, 2009

gifts for the holiday season.

since i'm simply broke and don't care much for purchasing things for people that they probably have no desire for, i figure that sharing my artwork with them is a good way to give a personal gift of sorts. i threw some color at an old sketch of my friend craig and framed it for a small christmas gift ( which i've been told resembles brett michaels and axl rose and i do somewhat agree). i also framed another sketch that i had done at the bakery where i work and thought it would be a nice kiss ass gift for them due to my tardy mishaps as of late. and my favorite of all are two moleskins that i purchased and decorated the covers with permanent stickers of older works. one i am giving to my sister, ray and the other to my great friend tamara j's sister, sarah who has an interest in art. with having difficulty making new work as of late, i'm just recycling past images in various ways, such with these sketchbooks and the tee ideas. i will hopefully be creating something new here shortly.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

some stuff man

here are some ideas i've been throwing around, two tee's and a few sketches. i like how the collage photoshop stuff is looking, so i may keep playing around with that. and i have two shirt ideas that i'm playing with, one of which is probably about to be submitted e at this website design by humans. i will put up a link to vote for it once i finish it up and send it in to them. the other with the bird i still need to redesign and render. toodles.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

welcome to miami.

i just returned from an entertaining time in miami with my good friends tran nguyen and lyle nagy. we went down there for art basel and other shows including aqua art, where tran had some work on display. we walked through some shady spots on our way to an after party, saw some phenomenal and shit work, and spent some quality time discussing all things considered. i talked to some folks, made a few sketches and put out the vibe among the pretty faces in the crowd. it was overall, a great time had and quite the expensive journey; glad i made it. photographs courtesy of the fabulous tran, i had left my camera back at the hotel.