Sunday, January 6, 2013

healthy artists movie poster exhibition

i recently created this movie poster for an exhibition put on by pittsburgh based non-profit organization, healthy artists. they're responsible for bringing awareness to the public regarding the lack of affordable health care that exists for the majority of americans, especially younger 'artists' who are not covered because of their independent venture. i was contacted by the founder, julie sokolow to participate in the show with only a few days before the judging. there were twenty other artists who created original pieces for this show based on the short documentary films that julie and her other partners at healthy artists put together. i was pretty impressed by the other contributions and am glad to have been included in a group of talented artists. 

anyhow, here's what i came up with.

i really wanted to come up with something conceptual, but ended up taking certain instruments/tools from some the short documentary videos and building a composition around that. the element that i hope some people discovered is the winged shoes and stethoscope emulating the health care symbol. i must credit the wonderful, reba baggett for her wonderful handwriting. i steal her letters from notes and postcards she sends me and will continue to do so until she sends me a cease and desist notice. also, thank you to my mother kay d'incau for joting down 'a documentary series' on a post-it note for me.