Monday, February 8, 2010

in a jiffy.

these first two images are recent works from life sketches that i have done over the past few months. the old man at the table is a combination of sketches with color and textures applied. in the end, it seems that the image is a depiction of an older man trying to get by in his out-of-order life after the passing of his wife. the second visual is two sketches done from my experience in miami recently and is executed in a similar fashion as the previous work (i'm still playing with some ideas on it). the giraffe is yet another sketch designed and manipulated for a tee shirt. i plan on cleaning it up along with a few other drawings and submitting them for consideration at designbyhumans. i've been rather happy with the way these digital works have been coming about, especially the short amount of time that i am able to work them. i am planning on applying for an artist-residence at a place called hub-bub in south carolina. i'm hoping that i can get in there and finally immerse myself in the world of paint by studying the lifestyles of the impressionists, while also focusing on composing music that relates to the themes of work that i conjure up. it would certainly be an elaborate process of art and music making, but i feel that this idea will help me acknowledge my progression as an artist and individual... or perhaps that's all just bullshit.


  1. yo dude, nice sign off on this post. I am really digging the old man and I really like your reasoning. Good stuff. Salt and Pepper is a nice touch. Colleen in the background, you saying something with that?

  2. glad you like it. i just needed a portrait of someone for on the wall and that sketch of her seemed to fit best.

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