Monday, April 19, 2010

face marks.

these are some stylized drawings of some notable people. i managed to first make heidi klum look ugly, followed by a michael j. fox that has downs, and then threw together a sean penn that is somewhat resembles the hard look he typically wears. i also contributed two drawings of musicians, kurt cobain and jimi hendrix for articles written on their legacies by my friend craig mcnair. i think that these two are somewhat interesting in the use of shape and line, but still believe certain features can be better manipulated and exaggerated. the final two portraits at the bottom are depicting a motown singer and the very important composer steven foster. i am about to start taking classes to do caricature work at a theme park and am struggling on the fast pace that i need to work at. i certainly spent too long on most of these sketches, but thought that there were good aspects to each of them as i try to understand the craft of cartoonish drawing.


  1. These are really fantastic caricatures. For some reason, I'm really fond of the way you depicted the teeth of the very first one. Keep cool!

  2. thanks, tran. your words are always valuable. you continue to stay cool as well.