Wednesday, October 27, 2010

posters, posters, posters...

here are a few posters that i did for opus one productions, here in pittsburgh. didn't know much about any of these guys, but i did take a liking to medeski, martin & wood. i think these turned out fairly well despite the short time i had to do them up. i'm doing working on a new one now for the band lotus. its for a new years eve show in philly. i was also recently in a group show with some of my co workers at excel sportswear. the turn out was surprisingly well the whole way through and i was fortunate enough to sell a few prints.


  1. Fairly well= understatement. O_O I love the first one the most because of the perspectives of the swimmers ^^

  2. thanks. i missed an abundance of detail in them though since i was rushing. i think the first came out the best, too.